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25x 20kg - ECO Glow Smokeless Coal

ECO Glow Smokeless Coal

Do you love the warmth of a cozy fire but don’t want to deal with the smoke and other pollutants that come along with it? Are you looking for a smokeless ovoid that is high in heat, low in ash, and performs better than the rest?


Our ECO Glow Smokeless Coal is all that you need!


It is a smokeless fuel that has been formulated from natural materials designed to produce super-high heat with less smoke or mess, which perfectly works in stoves, open fires, and multi-fuel burners. Not to mention, it's eco-friendly and economical!


Let’s take a closer look at why our ECO Glow should be your go-to choice!


What Makes ECO Glow Different?


Smokeless Fuel

We know that traditional fuels can produce large amounts of smoke, which can harm people and pets in the home. That’s why our ECO Glow smokeless coal was explicitly formulated from natural materials so that you won’t have to worry about dangerous fumes or emissions while enjoying your fire!


Not to mention, since this fuel doesn't create a flame, there's no risk of flying embers igniting damage to your property or causing fires in neighboring regions. So, not only will you get a clean burn with no smoke, but you are also guaranteed to minimize any risk of accidental fire hazards!


Super High Heat

Our ECO Glow burns at an incredibly high temperature, making it an ideal choice for those cold winter nights when you need extra warmth in the home. The heat produced by this fuel is so intense that it can last up to 8 times longer than regular coal – meaning you get more bang for your buck!


And because it produces such a high heat, it's also perfect for barbecues and outdoor gatherings when you need some extra warmth!


Multi-Fuel Burners

Create a roaring fire in just minutes with our ECO Glow smokeless coal - perfect for use with any multi-fuel burner!


You don't have to worry about dealing with stacks of wood logs or having to constantly stoke the fire every few minutes - just light our eco-friendly coal and let it do its thing!


The high heat generated from this fuel will give off enough warmth so that you can sit back and relax without having to tend to the fire all night long.


How to Use Smokeless Coal

Now that you know all about our ECO Glow smokeless coal, you're probably wondering how to use it. Luckily, using smokeless coal is easy!


To utilize it, simply add it to your fireplace or stove as you would use any other type of fuel.  When burning, be sure to use an appropriate firelighter so that it gets started quickly and burns evenly.


Why Use Our Smokeless Coal?

There are many reasons why you should choose our smokeless coal instead of traditional coal or wood. For one, it produces very little smoke when burned, which makes it much better for the environment than conventional coal or wood.


Furthermore, we have the best quality smokeless ovoids on the market. They are manufactured by our brilliant partners at A&N Fuel NI for the Irish smokeless coal market. These ovoids are strong-burning, low-ash, with a high heat output and perfect fuel for a stove. Rated as the best smokeless ovoid on the market, they are approved for sale in Ireland with Swift 7 certification and are highly recommended!


Plus, it is far more economical than traditional coal, providing more excellent heat and warmth for your money! It's a cinch to light and simple to use!


Get Ready To Glow With Smokeless Direct's ECO Glow Smokeless Coal

As mentioned, our ECO Glow Smokeless Coal is made with clean-burning technology that produces fewer emissions than traditional coal, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Additionally, it has a long burning time, so you don't have to worry about having to refuel as often. It burns at a higher temperature than regular coal, meaning you can enjoy maximum heat output from your fire while using less fuel overall.


And because it's smokeless, it won't create any irritating smoke in your home—meaning you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a real fire without any drawbacks of traditional fuels.


Plus, our smokeless fuel comes with free delivery straight to your door!


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some ECO Glow Smokeless Coal today and start enjoying all the benefits of a real cozy fire in the comfort of your own home!

25x 20kg - ECO Glow Smokeless Coal

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