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Smokeless Coal Express has been in operation since Summer 2021 when an option was set up around getting bag of coal products to the consumers door nation wide during the pandemic.


We found between the need to restrict movements, the increase spend (& therefore carry) on every day goods that the average consumer did not have the time, space to transport or money to purchase solid fuel in their every day or weekly shopping trip - a service like this could provide some use.

Smokeless Coal Express became used country wide in the Winter of 2020 and once a consumer used us for any of the reasons mentioned above - they could rarely go back from the cheaper and more convenient option we offer. 

We have been a transparent business since day one of operation and answer every single question the customer has. Our biggest move to date in the market was a campaign doubling the islands fuel allowance that was set in budget 2021 by slashing an additional five euro off all our listings. Between that and last Februarys removal of the seven euro delivery fee; we've put twelve euro directly back into the consumers pocket with EVERY order. 

We genuinely care about our customer - and we mean that. We started operations in a time of sky rocketing mental health and uncertainty in this country which seems to continue in to today. With many of dozens social problems facing us today if we can aid any bit of positivity or comfort in our consumers lives - we will - as even if it's only for an evening or two a week - nothing is more comforting than your own cozy fire. 


Sandra from Clare

Carer for her elderly parents

“The affordable convenience that Smokeless Coal Express have provided us this winter is un-comparable. It works out cheaper for us, less stressful and it's brilliant coal. It's been a real difference in what's a busy life”

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